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iPadApp Map Puzzle Japan


「Map Puzzle Japan」¥85


The Simply Map Puzzle about Japan Prefecture.

Like Wooden Puzzle. For Children (6 to 12 years old), education.

< Features >
In the mark, there are a Kanji, a Japanese syllabary, and a Roman alphabet.
So, The child who cannot read the Kanji is studied.
If it is iPad, the piece of puzzle never goes can enjoy only on the screen.
Because it is set questions completely at random, "administrative divisions in Japan" can be remembered by repeatedly doing.
There is no user interface where the child causes the malfunction.
It is a very simple puzzle.

< How to play >
The puzzle piece that comes out at random is moved to a correct place on the map.
When you set the puzzle piece to a correct position,
"Prefecture name", "Mark of the prefecture" and "Seat of the Prefectural government" are displayed.
The puzzle piece comes out when "ok" is pushed.
It continues until all the puzzle piece becomes complete.


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